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"Arpan is very professional and well experienced. I got recommended to her and it’s safe to say I have not been disappointment since starting my back treatment . I strongly recommend Arpan as she’s sincere in her work and does not rush the session. Furthermore, the clinic is outstanding! you get Zen vibes when you’re in the room which i find very relaxing"

Mazen Elzamel

"I have been seeing Arpan for the last one year due to my knee issue. She has been very patient with me throughout this time. Her approach while explaining the problem as well as the treatment process, is quite thorough and detail-oriented. With Arpan's help I have come a long way in my healing process and would recommend her wholeheartedly"

Jasleen Toor

"I have had a few of my patients go to Arpan for treatment of various MSK and even pelvic floor concerns. She is very thorough, professional and knowledgeable. I have heard great feedback from many patients who have gone to her. A good physiotherapist makes a physician’s job easy and I would strongly recommend Arpan for your physiotherapy needs"

Sherry Baath

"I have been seeing Arpan for the last 4 years. She has treated my ankle and shoulder tendonitis. I just went to her new facility near square one, which is amazing. Good luck Arpan!! And thanks"

Jaskaran Singh Virdi

"This clinic is absolutely outstanding! After decades of searching for skilled, hands-on physiotherapy treatment, I am so grateful to have come across Arpan a few years ago. I finally feel like I am making progress due to the careful treatment plan she has created. Arpan works with patients collaboratively and always encourages input and feedback. As well, this clinic has the feel and look of a high-end spa which always makes me feel so relaxed"

Ros26 Comm

"It took me a long time to find a good physio therapist. Her level of knowledge and meticulous care in taking care of my issues was excellent. It is very rare to find someone who takes the time to explain what has happened to our muscles, and the inner workings of our body while restoring it. The exercises and guidance provided, has me on track to recovery. Professional to the core, I wish them every success"

Beena Silgardo

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