Best Motor Vehicle Accident ( MVA ) Rehabilitation Program in Mississauga

At Proremedy Physiotherapy, we pride ourselves on providing the best possible motor vehicle accident rehabilitation program in Mississauga. Our goal is to help our clients get back to their normal life as soon as possible.

We have a team of experienced physiotherapists who will work with you to design a program that is tailored specifically to your needs. We use top-of-the-line technology and modalities that will reduce your pain and speed up the healing process. Contact us today through our contact page or by visiting us at your nearest location for more information and to book an appointment.

mva injury treatment

Common MVA Injuries We Treat in Streetsville, Mississauga

Whiplash Injuries

Head injuries

Broken bones

Sprains and strains

Injuries to the spinal cord

Dislocated joints

Process of Motor Vehicle Accident Treatment In Mississauga

Begin with an assessment by Proremedy’s physiotherapists to understand your injuries and needs.

Receive a personalized treatment plan incorporating services like Physiotherapy, Chiropractic Care, and Acupuncture.

Start treatments tailored to your specific injuries, focusing on recovery and rehabilitation

Your treatment plan is regularly reviewed and adjusted to ensure optimal recovery.

Benefit from comprehensive care that reduces stress and improves overall health.

Work towards full recovery, improved mobility, and pain reduction

What Are The Benefits of MVA Treatment?

MVA Treatment in Mississauga

First MVA Assessment in Our Mississauga Clinic - What To Expect?

During your first visit to Proremedy Physiotherapy for MVA treatment, expect a thorough assessment that includes:

    • A detailed discussion of your motor vehicle accident and medical history.
    • A physical examination to identify injuries and areas of pain.
    • An evaluation of your movement, strength, and flexibility.
    • Development of a preliminary treatment plan to start your journey to recovery.
    • Answers to any questions you may have about your injuries and the proposed treatment.

Why Choose Proremedy Physiotherapy for MVA Treatment in Mississauga?

  • Professionals Trained: Our professionals treat motor vehicle accident injuries with respect & dignity. We have many years of experience and compassionately address every patient’s concern.
  • Convenient Locations: Our clinics are conveniently located at 190 Robert Speck Pkwy and 63 Queen Street South in Mississauga to make our customers’ access to first-class physiotherapy services easier. Choose the location where you are comfortable the most.
  • Specialized to You: We believe in a treatment that is as unique as you and your injury. That’s why we build specialized treatment programs designed with your exact personal goals for recovery in mind.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: All our clinics are familiar with the latest in physiotherapy technology and tools to ensure the best care and support to the patient in their recovery process.
  • Flexible Scheduling: We do realize that life is busy after an accident. Therefore, we offer a very flexible scheduling system for your convenience.
  • Dedication to Excellence: Our commitment to the best possible care is your assurance of superb treatment and support during your recovery.


While certain treatments for motor vehicle accident injuries might cause slight discomfort, we adjust treatments to ensure your recovery is as smooth and painless as possible.

Yes, physiotherapy helps patients of MVA patients. In Streetsville, we have an individualized care plan targeting relief of pain, increase in range of movement, and the most common injuries to recover quality of life faster.

Actually, early MVA rehabilitation at Proremedy Physiotherapy may help evade the effects that might be long-term, for example, chronic pain. Being taken care of when they happen by high-level and prompt treatment helps in avoiding chronic pain and other more serious conditions that hinder quick recovery.

We present individualized treatments, including manual therapy and massage therapy, exercise programs to improve the range of motion, a comprehensive recovery program for common injury treatment, and the prevention of chronic pain.