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Who We Are ?

Welcome to Proremedy Physiotherapy, where your well-being is our top priority. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional physiotherapy services tailored to your individual needs. Our adept team of professionals is here to assist you in achieving optimal mobility, reducing pain, and enhancing your overall health. We utilize evidence-based techniques to deliver effective and personalized treatment plans that are tailored to your specific condition.

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I proudly certify our physiotherapy clinic’s unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional care and rehabilitation services.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you regain your physical function and improve your quality of life. Our goal is not only to treat your symptoms but also to address the underlying cause of your condition. We believe in empowering our clients by educating them about their body’s mechanics and helping them develop long-term strategies for maintaining their health.

Our Approach

We understand that each individual is unique and requires personalized care. Our therapists take the time to listen and understand your concerns, goals, and lifestyle to create treatment plans that best suit you. We also collaborate with our experienced healthcare professionals to ensure comprehensive care for our patients.

Our Commitment

We are dedicated to delivering the utmost level of healthcare quality. Our state-of-the-art facilities, advanced equipment, and innovative treatment techniques allow us to deliver unparalleled physiotherapy services. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your health goals and live a pain-free, active life.

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Meet Our Experts

Owner of Proremedy-Physiotherapy-Mississauga

Arpan Hundal
Registered Physiotherapist

Dr Pavan Matharu

Dr Pavan Matharu

Aren - Physiotherapist - mississauga

Aren Shalvardjian
Registered Physiotherapist

Mitalee Dalvi Physiotherapist

Mitalee Dalvi
Registered Physiotherapist