About Our Physiotherapist

Arpan Hundal
Arpan has been a practicing physiotherapist since 2010. She has been working in the Mississauga community since 2015 as a registered physiotherapist. She brings a wealth of knowledge about musculoskeletal, orthopaedic issues and sports injuries and has experience in dealing with MVA and WSIB clients. She is certified in Pelvic Health Physiotherapy and her advanced training enables her to treat various pelvic health conditions like pelvic girdle pain, incontinence, multi organ prolapse, etc. 
She is extremely passionate about helping her female clients specially post partum to get back into shape safely and without complications resulting from pregnancies. She is a mom herself and understands the struggles women go through after they give birth. 
She started her career at a trauma centre in India where she worked with various post traumatic and post operative cases. She volunteered at camps in rural areas to help with education about Physiotherapy and its benefits. After moving to Canada, she continued her independent practice and can easily be among the best physiotherapists in Mississauga as she believes in personalized care and one on one treatments. 
Arpan loves the outdoors and religiously works out. Her objective is to teach and motivate her patients to be active and always help them achieve their physical fitness and wellness goals. She derives great happiness from the well being and progress of her patients which further fuels her passion to work harder and prioritize patient satisfaction and positive health outcomes. 

About Our Logo

Here is what our logo designer has to say about the logo she created after careful consideration and multiple discussions. She really understood the essence of this venture and put soul in our logo design.
“The left spiral(blue) represents calm and healing while the spine (on the right) represents vibrancy and vitality of life.
The left also represents the masculine side and the right feminine since your practice deals with issues particular to both genders.
And the movement of the two spirals, intertwined, represents harmony.”
-Manjot Bal

How can Physiotherapy help you?

Treatments that we provide at our Mississauga location

  • Personalized Exercise Programs to improve your strength, range of motion, and function.
  • Joint Mobilization and Manipulation to minimize pain and inflexibility.
  • Active Release Therapy to enhance the range of motion and muscle tightness.
  • Laser and Interferential Current Therapy along with other Electrical Therapy Modalities to relieve pain, reduce swelling, speed up the healing process and also improve body movements and their functions.
  • Breathing Exercises, Chest Expansion Exercises, Postural Education and Correction.
  • Pelvic Health Physiotherapy – Management of incontinence (leakage of urine when coughing, sneezing, laughing, or exercising), and a wide variety of other pelvic health issues including Pelvic Floor Re-Education.
  • Performing functional activities, tolerance testing, and training.
  • Removing barriers to help you achieve the highest level of function.

Our Strategic Priorities

Proremedy Physiotherapy strives to achieve excellence in these priority areas:

  • Promoting the value of physiotherapy to not only the public but other healthcare professionals.
  • Ensuring equitable access to the best physiotherapy services for all.
  • Equipping Champion Excellence, Innovations, and Professionalism in physiotherapy.
  • Enhancing the capacity of Proremedy Physiotherapy as your trusted clinic.

Our Mission

We provide you treatment and education on how to attain your wellness goals. Our goal is not only to make you feel better but empower you to manage your condition on your own with a little help from us. We promote healthy living and an active lifestyle to help you achieve your desired level of physical fitness. You can rely on our therapists to motivate you and provide you with tools to reach your maximum potential.

Our Vision

Proremedy Physiotherapy is your essential partner for enhancing your overall health. The clinic hopes to build a place in the community that promotes healthy living and a healthy lifestyle. We want to ensure that the patients are not dependent on our practitioners.

What to Expect?


  • As you make an appointment at Proremedy Physiotherapy, you will receive an email with confirmation. 
  • You can choose to fill out the intake forms online. Online forms are easy and get submitted with just a click of a button. It’s a paperless procedure that not only saves time but also is environment-friendly. Or, you can fill offline forms when you visit the clinic.
  • You can choose to be reminded of your appointment via email, text, or both.
  • After the confirmation of your appointment, the physiotherapist will walk you to your treatment room. The therapist will use this session as an initial assessment to know your aim and goals for yourself. 
  • You will also receive hands-on treatment according to your needs. You can rely on the therapist to always educate you and give advice on how to better manage your condition. 
  • To make you self-reliant, we provide you, a home exercise plan on the first day of treatment itself. You will always be seen one-on-one.

Our Promise to our Members and Patients

Proremedy Physiotherapy promises to provide exceptional service, valuable information, and connections to the profession of physiotherapy. Not only across Canada but also around the globe.

Our Values


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We are passionate to provide quality treatment and services to our patients to maintain their trust in us.


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We go above and beyond to pursue quality and promote leadership with growth.


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We are curious to discover. We relentlessly forge creative solutions not only to improve our work but also our services for our esteemed patients.


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We are a small team consisting of big ambitions that are certain in achieving compelling results.


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We all have something to give. We are devoted to the welfare of others.


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We believe in the power of a joint working system to encourage the collective form of expertise to our sufferers.


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We value sharing. We encourage connection and communication to strengthen our positive relationships with our patients.


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We respectfully and ethically interact with our patients and others.


"Arpan is very professional and well experienced. I got recommended to her and it’s safe to say I have not been disappointment since starting my back treatment . I strongly recommend Arpan as she’s sincere in her work and does not rush the session. Furthermore, the clinic is outstanding! you get Zen vibes when you’re in the room which i find very relaxing"

Mazen Elzamel

"I have been seeing Arpan for the last one year due to my knee issue. She has been very patient with me throughout this time. Her approach while explaining the problem as well as the treatment process, is quite thorough and detail-oriented. With Arpan's help I have come a long way in my healing process and would recommend her wholeheartedly"

Jasleen Toor

"I have had a few of my patients go to Arpan for treatment of various MSK and even pelvic floor concerns. She is very thorough, professional and knowledgeable. I have heard great feedback from many patients who have gone to her. A good physiotherapist makes a physician’s job easy and I would strongly recommend Arpan for your physiotherapy needs"

Sherry Baath

"I have been seeing Arpan for the last 4 years. She has treated my ankle and shoulder tendonitis. I just went to her new facility near square one, which is amazing. Good luck Arpan!! And thanks"

Jaskiran Singh Virdi

"This clinic is absolutely outstanding! After decades of searching for skilled, hands-on physiotherapy treatment, I am so grateful to have come across Arpan a few years ago. I finally feel like I am making progress due to the careful treatment plan she has created. Arpan works with patients collaboratively and always encourages input and feedback. As well, this clinic has the feel and look of a high-end spa which always makes me feel so relaxed"

Ros26 Comm

"It took me a long time to find a good physio therapist. Her level of knowledge and meticulous care in taking care of my issues was excellent. It is very rare to find someone who takes the time to explain what has happened to our muscles, and the inner workings of our body while restoring it. The exercises and guidance provided, has me on track to recovery. Professional to the core, I wish them every success"

Beena Silgardo